He was a terrific mouser

I had a horrid decision to make yesterday and subsequently last Night I had a strange dream that reminded me of the Film "The Three Lives of Thomasina" and in particular this scene;

Because today I am taking Dibbles, one of our cats, to the Vets to be put to sleep.

Dibbles is a very old cat, he must be 21 years old, and when my Mum had to move from the house I grew up in he came to live with us and our three cats. Although he was one of the family cats, he was my cat and he use to snuggle into me and my bed when I was only a few years older than Top Ender.

I have explained to Top Ender that Dibbles is going to go to sleep, and that it is whilst he is asleep that he will die. I couldn't come out with the whole truth, we have already too much loss this year.

We are Christians and as such, have taught Top Ender about life after Death. She knows that in Heaven we will see those who have gone before us and this includes pets. She came up with an idea this morning that pets that go to Heaven before their owners are looked after by relatives or special foster Angels until the owner can take over.

She has come up with a little first day in Heaven plan for Dibbles, where he will do all the things that he likes and will find a nice warm blanket to snuggle on before he goes and visits with his and our relatives. This little story actually makes me feel better about the choice I have had to make.

This evening we will bury Dibbles and say a few words, there won't be bagpipes, but Top Ender and I will have a good cry.