Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, giving myself a good scare and getting to dress up in silly costumes! It became a little bit of a joke at my work, because Daddy and I would prepare a Home made costume in secret from each other and in the past five years we have been, a Witch, a cat, a pilot, Miss Hoolie from Balamory, a little Devil, Greg Wiggle, Marge Simpson, Dora The Explorer, Boots the Monkey, a Firework display, a witch, Mickey Mouse, a Spider web, a spider (both Top Ender and Baby Boy!) and a Vampire!

This year we are all going to be cats, as it is an easy costume to make!

Normally Top Ender and I dress up as Witches during the day and at night change into our costumes. I found that it is easier to go to work dressed as a witch (black top, black skirt and my black cape) than some of my previous outfits, which would be noticed in the corporate world as sticking out a little too much!

As I am going to be busy today preparing the feast for my brood, decorating our house for the Trick or Treaters and making our costumes, I thought you wouldn't mind a sort of mainly wordless post with a selection of photos from the last five years.

You see we would normally be at my Mums, (a tradition that I started the Halloween after Top Ender was born), but with us having been ill and it being quite important that my Mum doesn't catch it (because of her condition) we thought it would be better not to go to hers this year and to stay at home.

So here are some shots from Halloween's past!

Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween PumpkinsA Witch crashed into the car window
Top Ender dressed as a witchTop Ender sitting with two skeletonsTop Ender and Mummy dressed as Witches

This year we will wait at home for Trick or Treaters (I've never done it in my own home before!) and if we feel up to it, we may walk to the Firework display in Bletchley Park later in the evening.... and I'll post about that later in the week!
Our feast this year, will be blood to start (tomato soup), followed by fingers in rolls, with finger nails and clotted blood (Hot dogs in rolls, with onions and ketchup!) and for pudding we will have dead fly cake (raisin cake) and quite possibly the booty from our visits to pre-arranged Houses!
I like to pre-arrange our Trick or Treat visits, so that the door will get answered and so that Top Ender and now Baby Boy will be safe. No knocking on the door of Strangers here!
I forgot to mention that we will be drinking poison, with frozen eye ball ice cubes (any drink, with frozen grapes!) so if you don't hear from me tomorrow you know why!