Top Ender and Daddy Giggles - I only got two!

Daddy has been growing a beard. Something to do with turning 30 a couple of years back apparently. I blame Dave Gorman.

Today he was complaining about it to Top Ender and I, about how it is getting a little curly and long round his chin. Whilst he was doing this he was gently pulling at a loose straggly hair.

"Can I touch it" asked Top Ender
"Yes, you can even pull one out if you want" said Daddy thinking of shaving it off

Top Ender tried to pull one out.

"I can't do it" she said
"Use your fingernails" said Daddy

Top Ender tried again

"Aaaaaaah!" screamed Daddy "I meant only one not a whole bunch!" he squealed
"I only got two!" said Top Ender already walking them to the bin

I just sat on the sofa trying not to giggle