Angelina Ballerina Pop Stars Girls DVD - A Review

We received a free DVD for this review. Top Ender thinks I am wonderful.

We love Angelina Ballerina in our house and would regularly watch the original cartoon series and read the books. We had caught the new show a few times on TV, but when the new Angelina Ballerina Pop Stars Girls DVD from Hit arrived Top Ender was most pleased and asked if she could watch it on bed that coming Friday. 

Angelina Ballerina Pop Star Girls DVD Cover

This is the new Angelina Ballerina, which I prefer as the old Angelina would grate on my nerves when telling us how to do simple ballet steps. This one is more about the performing side of things and attending what I guess would be classed as a stage school. Baby Boy and Top Ender have both watched the DVD several times, but so far they have not let me watch it because I am embarrassing as I sing over the top of the songs and dance around the living room like the characters on TV. The DVD is only an hour long and is great for all fans of Angelina Ballerina and with an RRP of £12.99, and with a U certificate it's suitable for everyone too!