Tracks of My Years - 1998

I just realised that I hadn't put up my Tracks of My Years post, for this week, as part of Mum In The Mad House's weekly meme. So I put the first song I thought of up, which actually turned out to be a proper memory and part of my history that I think that not only my family but everyone else would like to read too!

I was part of Choir at the schools I attended. In the "old days" in the UK a Choir wasn't like the ones now made famous by the programme Glee (which I love), but a "proper" choir where you sang choral music and put concerts on in churches and the school hall. I don't know if our choir was usual in upper school (ages 13-18) but as well as the students being part of the choir there were also staff members who joined in. I loved this as it gave our sound depth and also helped some students to see that there were more to teachers than erm, teaching.
Pippa as a School Girl
What I looked like...
The choir was run by the two music teachers, Mr W and Mr P both of whom had great passion for music and tried to help me understand more than I liked to sing and could read sheet music... it didn't really work, but I passed my Music GCSE by the skin of my teeth thanks to them. I don't really remember a lot of the music we sang in choir, I remember there was  a concert in a church which I didn't go to and missed out on singing my solo which I had rehearsed for weeks for and I think we did some Christmas Carols but it's hard to separate the memories of all the choirs I have been in up!

There is one song that I remember us singing very clearly and I know that it was in 1998 that we sang it. I loved it so much and I will quite often think of us performing this song. The song was had been released twice in the past and I have no idea why they decided we should sing this but I loved that we were singing as a choir a rock song. The song was of course Bohemian Rhapsody and although I don't have a recording of us singing it, I do have the memories and one particular memorable occasion when Mr W played the guitar solo in the middle of the song on the piano and a couple of the older students pulled out lighters and waved them in the air...

Here is a UK choir singing the same song... but they aren't half as good as we were.