April - The Gallery

What sums up April was the question we were asked for The Gallery this week. For me April was all about Sunshine, family and walks. Which is where I took this picture of the green (which was last week's theme!) and pleasant lands near my home.

The Countryside in April

We had actually gone to this area for a walk in the woods which you can see on the left hand side of this picture, and as we had come down the path to this view, we knew we had found something that was beautiful. Even Baby Boy and Top Ender stopped to drink in this vista of Milton Keynes.

April was beautiful this year, none of the usual March winds and April Showers (although I hope we do still get May Flowers) and as such we spent a large amount of it outside enjoying the sunshine and each others company. I love getting out and about with the family, taking photos of where we have been and things we have seen and I hope that if an overweight Mum can manage a walk out that you can too.