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If you are looking for my Wordless Wednesday post it is here Hazeley Wood.

Shenley Wood

This is how we chill out as a family.

We go for walks in the woods, meandering down paths drinking in the freshness of the air.

We spend time chatting, catching up on things that we might of missed going on in each others lives. Explain things that we might not have time for in the normal busy routine that we call family life.

We stand listening to the birds in the trees and try to work out what they are saying, what they are copying and what they are as we use our bird book and binoculars.

We look at stunning vistas and find secret paths through the tree's. We pretend that we are a team of explorers, the first to explore and document the area.

We look at bluebell's and try to work out what the other flowers are and which ones smell the nicest. Which ones we think attract the most bee's.

We run until our lungs and legs hurt and our hearts feel they will burst out of our ribs and then stand panting in recovery together.

This is us at our best, when we are chilled out.

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