Fireman Sam Ready For Action DVD - A Review

We received a free DVD for this review. Big Boy thinks I am wonderful.

We love Fireman Sam in our house and Daddy can do a scarily accurate impression of Dilys Price from the amount of it that we watch and play. When the new Fireman Sam DVD "Ready for Action"  from Hit arrived Big Boy grabbed the disc and put it on in the den. This was worrying, because I didn't know he knew how to put DVD's on and also because now he knew he could do it himself I was imagining coming back from the toilet to find him watching Fireman Sam yet again.

Fireman Sam Ready for Action DVD

Now as you can tell this is the new Fireman Sam, (CGI Fireman Sam) and I actually like him a little more than the Fireman Sam that I grew up with. Big Boy watched the episodes (there are five on the DVD) and we sang along with Elvis (he's my favourite character!) and were of course shouting at Naughty Norman Price. The best bit is that because it is only 50minutes long it was perfect for watching whilst we had a cuddle and a snack.

This DVD is great for all fans of Fireman Sam no matter how old they are (I'm 32 thank you very much) and with an RRP of £12.99, and with a U certificate it's suitable for everyone too!