Rocking Out with Paper Jamz

We were sent a Paper Jamz guitar from Series 2 to review.

I play the guitar. Well I say I play it, I sort of know how and I should practice more often in order to get better but I don't. That doesn't stop me from pretending though and I can play the opening to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody quite well... When I had seen Paper Jamz in the past though I was a little sceptical. How can anyone play a paper guitar?! Turns out that they aren't actually made of paper, but are really made from plastic! Cue one stupid feeling Mummy, but not that stupid as it turns out that Paper Jamz guitars are printed with circuit-embedded paper, enabling you to play like a pro by simply touching the paper surface. See, easy mistake to make right?

Paper Jamz Logo

The thing is I could tell you all day about how each guitar has three tracks that you can strum along to with or with out the vocals, or that there are four modes for jamming along to (see I know proper music terms), or that it weights 500g, or that each guitar has it's own design and songs that you can play, or even that you can plug the guitar in to speakers or headphones so that you can be as loud or as quiet as your situation requires you to be. Instead though I shall get you to play the following video because it's much more fun and you can see the guitar in action. Just remember play the video right to the very end... you wouldn't want to miss any of it would you?

(Video can be seen at

You did watch right to the end didn't you? It's just that Daddy wants to make sure you did...

The Paper Jamz guitars have an RRP of £24.99 which now I know that they aren't made out of paper and that you can play in different modes, I think is a really good price and I have already told Daddy that I would like to purchase a couple of the other guitars for the tracks that they have on them... Oh and they are recommended for ages 8 and up which is more likely to do with the coordination required to hold up the guitar whilst strumming than anything else as Baby Boy loves this new instrument!