Disney's Tangled

We received a Disney Double Play Blu-ray and DVD of Tangled and the CD of the soundtrack.

During the February Half Term Top Ender, Big Boy and I went to the cinema to see Tangled. We made a Film Themed Day of it, and all had our hair cut and made paper lanterns and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. When Disney asked if we would like to have a copy of the DVD we said YES PLEASE! as with half term coming up and a few long car journeys planned we knew that we were going to have plenty of time to watch it. As usual though as soon as the package arrived and Big Boy saw the Disney logo the package was opened and the film was playing within minutes of being delivered!
Disney Tangled Double Play

In case you don't know the story is that of The Brothers Grimm's Rapunzel with a great Disney spin. Rapunzel is a kidnapped Princess being hidden away by a selfish (rather than evil) mother (Rapunzel doesn't know that she is her stepmother) because she has magic hair. After 18 years of being kept locked up in a tower, Rapunzel wants to explore the outside but has been denied this by her mother. Enter a handsome thief and add a few songs and you have a fantastic film that keeps Big Boy, Top Ender, Daddy and I all amused!
Sky Lanterns Scene Image from Disney's Tangled
Image from Tangled, borrowed from the Disney Tangled Mini Site
The Blu-ray and DVD Double play is available to buy now for a RRP of £22.99, but I have seen deals on the high street for a lot less, including in the Disney store where it was £14.99. This is a great film to watch not only this half term, but whenever you are needing a bit of Disney Magic in your life.