Making Chores Fun - Do the Washing

The washing is something that has to be done everyday in my house, or pretty soon we find ourselves running out of underwear and the kitchen drowning in dirty laundry (that's where my washing machine and therefore wash box lives). This of course means that Baby Boy often helps me with this chore, as it is normally he and I at home during the day and I don't keep it all to myself like I want to when Cleaning shoes! I had got Baby Boy involved by putting clothes into the washing machine and telling me the colours of different items (we wear a wide rainbow of colours in this house!) but as much as this was a fun learning opportunity it didn't have the adventurous fun that Baby Boy wanted in this daily chore!

So we mixed it up a little.
Baby Boy deciding which colour wash to do

Now Baby Boy decides what colour wash we are doing, and loads the machine (with my help and guidance of course!) and he gets to call out the colours of the clothes as he is loading. Sometimes he will try to tease me by calling out the wrong colour but so far he hasn't caught me out!

The second game is something which I think all of us must have done at some point and really only works with a front loading washing machine!

Baby Boy playing Submarine

And just in case you don't know how to play "I'm in a Submarine", here is a little video of Baby Boy playing.

(Video can be seen at

Pretending you are in a submarine is so much fun when you little or in my case, not so little!