Electronic Test Tube Aliens - A Review

We were sent an Electronic Test Tube Alien to review. My BIL wanted to know how much it costs to send an Alien from outer space to Milton Keynes...

Baby Boy turns three in just a matter of days and it seems the closer to his birthday that we get the more grown up he becomes. When he sees things like Aliens in test tubes he gets excited, there is something about them that cause his excitement to go into overdrive even though these toys are designed for children a few years older.

Baby Boy and the Electronic Test Tube Alien

After cutting out the Alien from the plastic packaging, I read the instructions several times until I knew them backwards and we went to the kitchen to start the hatching process. How to describe the hatching? It was like watching a tablet dissolve in water but slower and fizzier... you know what I knew that words couldn't describe the hatching process properly so we took a video!

(Video can be seen at http://youtu.be/u8Bz1DqVBwQ)

As you can see we fed the alien after it had hatched with a sachet of Dehydrated Sloog, which is what all the cool aliens eat but as it warns rather nicely humans don't.

Dehydrated Sloog

The alien is currently sitting in the window in the kitchen as Aliens like to be kept in conditions similar to that of their home planet where half the year it is summer with 24hrs Sunlight and half the year it is Winter with no sunlight. Rather handily an Alien year is one earth day so 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of dark is within our power!

So the Aliens are evil and have been sent to take over Earth and enslave all humans, which is bad. After we have hatched the Alien and fed them we need to keep them alive so we can discover their evil plans and use that information to beat them. We can interrogate the Aliens by going to the Test Tube Aliens website which has been set up especially to unite the alien defence force and as each alien has a different secret to reveal we need to take this very seriously...

Sorom the Alien

Baby Boy is up for treating Sorom well, so that he lives longer and give him more time to try to find out the secret he holds because the fate of this world depends upon it!

The Electronic Test Tube Aliens are available in stores now, have a RRP of £12.99 and are suitable for children aged 6+ (or nearly 3 if Mummy or Daddy helps)