Daddy Date Night Returns!

When Top Ender was small, Daddy would take her swimming each week and leave me at home to do whatever I wanted. It was the original Daddy Daughter Date night and had four main benefits, Daddy and Tops got to spend time together, Daddy got a bit of exercise, I got to relax and Top Ender got confident being in the water. When our circumstances changed with Daddy working almost every waking hour, I took over the weekly swimming sessions before circumstances changed again and we found we had to stop. Even date nights have been on a temporary hiatus.

Daddy and I were talking during the week and we realised that we needed this quality time again with each of the children and so we came up with a plan to have a two week rotation date night with Tops and BB, where each week Daddy would take one of the children on a Swimming Date and the other would stay at home with me having a Date night at home. The children are really excited about the swimming and have agreed that going every other week is a great plan and I have promised them that the at home dates will be just as fun as swimming.

At the Swimming Pool

The pressure is really on for me to come up with some great ideas to have some fun with Big Boy and Top Ender each week. I remember that Daddy and Top Ender would round their Swimming Sessions off with a chocolate bar from the vending machine, so I'm going to need to make treats each week too. I'd like to do the same date night with each of them before swapping to something new for the next two weeks and I have a few ideas, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any!