Learning Through Water Play

Big Boy loves water play and he loves playing with his Lego Duplo so whilst we have been having this lovely warm weather we have been combining the two and learning a bit about how things float and how to make different size splashes too. We filled up a big bowl with water (which we used afterwards to water the plants) and then used the Lego from the Duplo sorter to create boats, towers, animals and Big Boy even made a rocket at one point. Big Boy loved creating the different structures and he loved playing with his bricks in the garden too. I had to explain at one point that all he needed to do to dry the bricks off was to leave them in the sun instead of rubbing them in his Tshirt, but the bricks were more fun being dried in his shirt it seems.

Lego Duplo in a bowl of water

I then suggested to Big Boy that we could learn something from these bricks, all we had to do was play and we could see what we could find out. Big Boy loved pouring the water from inside the bricks and into the bowl and he was having great fun splashing about and cooling himself down. He didn't understand at first how to manipulate the bricks to create a large splash, but with a little experimenting he was soon able to demonstrate what he had discovered.

Big Boy playing with Lego Bricks in a bowl of water

We had great fun playing together, experimenting with the water and generally keeping cool. Big Boy is so clever and I hope he always has as much fun learning as he did today.