Making New Table Mats

Big Boy received delivery of his latest Dora The Explorer Little Cooks Magazines this week and with it was a table mat which Big Boy decided to have with his lunch this Sunday. The only problem was he wanted everyone to have a new mat and so Daddy hit upon the idea of making our own table mats and then using my new Laminator to protect the mats against spills.

Top Ender created a double sided mat based on hearts and Big Boy drew a boss man (that's what he loves to draw these days as he is convinced we can put them into a computer game) as he didn't want to be left out!

Home Made Table Mats

Daddy printed a picture that he found on the internet that he thought was fun,

Daddys Home Made Table Mat

and I drew a seasonal double sided mat to satisfy my need for Sun and Snow!

A Home Made Table Mat

We might not be the world's greatest artists, but making the mats was great fun and as usual we all loved being creative and working together. Tops has decided that we should make mats for all our guests when they come for dinner and that we should make ones for special events too (I'm thinking Queen's Jubilee and The Olympics to start with). Dinner tasted great on the mats too, just in case you were wondering, but what would you make your mat look like?