What We Are Eating (W/C 05/05)

After the last week of multiple celebrations and over indulgence I was pleased to step onto my scales this morning and to see that I had actually lost 1lb! I was really pleased with this and it means that I have high hopes for this week. Whilst the food might not seem all that healthy and full of salad and low fat options, it is served with plenty of vegetables and I find eating things like Rice, Pasta, and Potatoes fills me up which means no late night snacking which is one of my big vices!


I had planned everyday this week with something nice but it was tonight's dinner that I was really stumped with. I was telling my Mum about how as we weren't having a takeaway on Saturdays now I wanted to make something that everyone would like and eat and my Mum suggested Gammon steaks. It was perfect as we haven't had them for a while, the children love them and last night when we had Pizza Daddy added some pineapple and so we had a lot left over that we can use with the Gammon tonight. Daddy thinks he is having beans with the Gammon but because I'm in charge we aren't!


We're having a Roast Chicken again for Sunday dinner and I'm going to make some Stuffing to go with it too. I haven't made Gluten Free stuffing from scratch before so it's going to be a new experience and I just hope it tastes as good as I hope it will!

A Roast Chicken


As it is the May Bank Holiday we wanted to make something special and that is normally a Roast, but having had it the day before we decided to make a Turkey and Bacon Gougères topped pie with Herby Diced Potatoes. Daddy made Cheese Gourgeres when I was out at Dirty Dancing this week and we thought that they would taste really lovely as a pie topping so we are going to test this theory out!


We are having Oyster and Spring Onion Beef with Rice (with Mange Tout) on Tuesday night. The sauce is one that I have in the cupboard already as I tend to keep a couple of packets on hand as it is gluten free and great for a quick last minute stir fry! I would normally serve it with Rice noodles, but I'm not feeling them this week so I will do a quick flavoured Rice. Hopefully it would be as nice as the Special Fried Rice I make with Top Ender.

Special Fried Rice


I saw a recipe on BBC Good Food for Sticky Pork which I am going to serve with Mash. You are supposed to use Cranberry sauce, but I have a lot of Redcurrant  to use up so I will adapt it to use that. I'm really looking forward to it as this is the meal that has most caught my imagination this week.


With Daddy at work on a Thursday night, the children and I like to sit down together to have a meal together and we normally make something that Daddy can't eat. This week I decided to make Macaroni Cheese (and I'll serve it with Hot Dogs) as it is Top Enders favourite. The problem is that Top Ender only likes the ready meal kind and I'd like to have more control over how it is made. Plus I think it is fate as I received a great recipe from Mu Cheese in my email this week so I'm going to have to try it!


This Friday Daddy and I are going to be going out and my Mum is going to be looking after the children. I'm not sure what time we are going out yet, but I think it is early so my Mum will be cooking for the children or knowing her will make it a takeaway! I'm planning something simple like Fishfingers, not because my Mum can't cook but because I don't want her spending ages in the kitchen when she could be enjoying her time with her Grandchildren.