I'm a Home Grown Tourist - Are You?

When I went to New York as part of a Student exchange back in the 90's the family of the home I stayed with had never been to Ellis Island. The father thought this was terribly lax of him as his family had immigrated and so it was part of his history, as well as being a local Tourist attraction. I remember thinking at the time how could someone who lives so close to one of the most famous landmarks in the world never have visited, but thinking on it if that is bad then what does that make me? I live in Milton Keynes one of the easiest places to get to anywhere else in the UK and yet I have hardly been anywhere!

This led Daddy and I to be talking about the local attractions in Milton Keynes and we realised that there were hundreds of places that we hadn't been to in the local area. There are parks and farms and woods and art trails and churches and bits of history and lots more that we probably don't even know about. So I'm going to change that, I'm going to explore my home town and the rest of Great Britain as much as I can and I need your help to do so.
It's easy enough for me to find out about the hidden attractions of Milton Keynes, I can ask my neighbours, read the local paper and even visit the local libraries for ideas but what about you? What are the local attractions to you that you have (or haven't) visited that you think I should check out? Where have you been in the past that you would recommend to other Families to visit now? If you are a blogger then why not be a Home Grown Tourist too and write a post about somewhere you have been and then link up with me below. 

Let me know if you have any suggestions of places that I should visit and I will do my best to get there!