Swimming With Big Boy

Big Boy and I had so many things that we wanted to do before he started School this coming September, we even made a Things To Do Before Starting School list. We have been playing a lot and generally having fun and we have made huge progress in a few areas that I thought might help him when he starts School but the one thing that we haven't really done is go swimming and when last week a huge envelope came home with details of Big Boys start date at School I knew that we really had to get going!

Big Boy is going swimming with Daddy every other week as part of the Daddy Date Nights, but I know that if Big Boy is going to learn to swim he needs to be going more regularly and it wouldn't hurt if I took him once a week too. So when on Monday morning I was up at 3am with a sore back, I thought I should test out my new swimsuit from Simply Swim (who had suggested I might like to take a look at their Ladies Speedo Swimming Costumes and pick one, but I ended up going with a Zoggs one) and take BB for a swim too. I had been planning to go swimming with BB already, as a few weeks back I asked all those who have liked the A Mothers Ramblings Facebook page for their top tips about going swimming with children and I got some great suggestions!

A Mothers Ramblings Facebook Page

Nicki suggested that I go early so as to make sure everything was nice and quiet, but that kind of backfired for us. General Swim opens at 9:30am on a Monday and as the local schools also have swimming lessons from 9:30am on a Monday it was a little crowded. Louise suggested taking a snack that BB could eat whilst I'm getting changed after we got out of the pool, that way I would be able to get changed without having to worry about Big Boy running off and me flashing everyone again. The problem was that I was so busy trying to take a photo of me in my swimsuit I forgot to actually get changed before BB finished his juice and snack! Even worse the photos that I took of me were all blurry, so I can't even use them!

I chose a Shorts Leg Swimsuit because of the extra covering available. I didn't think about it from a modesty point of view but more a "I really don't want that much flesh on display when I'm not happy with my own body" point of view.  The costume arrived so quickly after ordering (the next day) and so I have been practising getting in and out of the costume as it is going to be some time before I'm doing it as elegantly as I might like as there isn't any Lycra in the costume, but it's comfy on and it was good in the bust area with hidden support.

We really enjoyed our swimming session and just in case we feel like going again this week I've already washed our costumes and Towels and they are just hanging out to dry in the Summer Sunshine.

Swimming Costume on the Washing Line

I was sent a swimming costume that I chose from the Simply Swim website.