Home Made Fish and Chips

This week I was supposed to make a Haddock Stir Fry for dinner on Monday night, but when it came down to it we decided that we should make Fish and Chips instead. The last time I tried to batter fish was when I made some Fish Fingers but I had high hopes!  I normally have Haddock when we have Fish and Chips for a Take away as being brought up by a Scottish Mum it was what she always had (also in my experience, it's more popular in Scotland than Cod) and so it's what I would always order too! Daddy on the other hand prefers to order Cod and the children prefer less fish and more potato when they have fish and chips, so this was going to be a big test!

We had been sent four Haddock Fillets from Regal Fish Supplies via Fish Is The Dish and I had frozen them until I knew what I should make with them. I defrosted them in the fridge and because Daddy and the children don't like the skin on their fish I removed the skin (which was surprisingly easy) and cut the Haddock fillets in half. The fillets were really lovely fillets, and the scales had been removed, which pleased me as I hate removing the scales! I liked having the fresh fish delivered to my door as I don't know of a fish mongers in Milton Keynes and so getting fresh fish unless it's from the supermarket is a rarity.

I used a fork to mix up two eggs before dipping the fillets into the egg mix. I let a lot of the mix drip off before rolling in a dish I had sprinkled some Polenta in to coat the Haddock fillets. I dry fried the Polenta covered Haddock fillets in a hot frying pan for a few minutes on both sides before transferring to an oven tray to keep warm in the oven whilst I made the chips. The fish was really lovely, it fell apart as we ate it but more importantly EVERYONE ATE IT! Big Boy wolfed it down (as did Tops) before I had even finished eating mine and I eat quickly. This will definitely be something that I make again and I think that everyone will ask for too.