Family Pyjama Nights

On a Thursday night, Top Ender, Big Boy and I have a Family Pyjama Movie Night. It had started off that we made sure that we ate together at the table and we ate food that we couldn't normally eat when Daddy was around (things full of wheat and Gluten) but we slowly started to turn it into a family night for just us three. Then when walking home from School one night we got so wet and cold, thanks to the lovely British weather, that we jumped in a bath as soon as we got home just to warm up. Of course there was no point in getting dressed again so we all got into our Pyjama's and it was just so comfy we decided we would have to do it again on the next Thursday.

Now, when we get home from the School Run on a Thursday the Children go out into the garden for a quick run around and blast of fresh air (Yes, even if it's raining) and I normally start preparing for the evening and getting a few last minute chores done. Big Boy loves this play time with Top Ender and Tops uses the time to help teach BB skills he is going to need when he goes to School. It's amazing to see them writing on the path together and skipping out numbers on a hopscotch court and I love that Tops has taken it on herself to help BB to learn how to count and write.

When they come in we all get into our Pyjamas and find our dressing gowns and set up camp on the sofa. We all get comfy and probably just look like a tangle of arms and legs. We watch a few TV programmes and talk about what went on in our day and we share some popcorn too. It depends on what the weather is like to what we drink, it might be Hot Chocolate, Milkshake, Water or Squash we aren't fussy! After a few cartoons we start cooking our evening meal together, it might be that the children set the table or help measure out the ingredients whilst I do the actual cooking or they might be more involved depending on what the meal (you can read my Menu plan to know) is but with everyone working together it means that we get our meal on the table in the quickest time possible.

After we have eaten we forget about doing the dishes and instead sit down together to watch a film. I've started making dinner so it's themed with the film and so the children try to have a guess before the film starts as to what we will be watching. Tonight we are watching The Smurfs movie, we missed it when it was at the cinema (okay so we didn't go on purpose because the Cinema is just too much money) and we can't wait to see it. We have a Home made Cheesecake to go with it (Smurfs eat Cheesecake right?) and we can't wait to have a Family Pyjama Movie Night.

Banoffee Cheesecake

What would you do on a Family Pyjama Night?