What's For Lunch? (W/C 28/05)

Every Saturday I post about our main meals for the week, but what I haven't been blogging about are the packed lunches that I make for Top Ender, Big Boy and I. When I was posting the pictures of the lunches I was making for Tops and her special Friday Lunches there were some who wanted me to make them a lunch box up too, so I thought that this might help everyone get a few new ideas and also help me keep track of what Tops, Big Boy and I are eating for lunch. I don't make lunch for Daddy (unless I'm making a rice dish) as he keeps bread and sandwich fillings at work and I will only say what the main part of the meal will be, and not include the fruit or the drink or the sweet treat, but I will try to remember to tweet or post a photo on Facebook so you can see what else is included!

Monday - Shredded Chicken and Salad Wrap

Monday tends to be a Chicken based meal as I keep some of the Chicken from the Roast the day before. Tops really loves Chicken Skin, so it won't be as healthy as it sounds for her, but I figure she is a growing girl and she deserves a treat come Monday lunchtime. Tops doesn't like Salad Cream or Mayonnaise, but I do add a very little amount to her wrap, just to stop the filling becoming dry. For BB and I we tend to have a bit more Salad Cream or Mayonnaise with the chicken breast all mixed up together as we like the taste!

I find that buying wraps once a month and freezing them (with a bit of greaseproof paper in between the wraps) means that there isn't any waste with wraps going off, and also makes it easier to get the right amount out to defrost as they aren't all stuck together.

Tuesday - Cheese Pita with Grated Carrot

I think that it's really important to have at least five portions of Fruit and Veg a day (we average six a day not including juice) and whilst both Tops and BB love eating fruit and will eat veg I still find it better to sneak in extra portions. Grated Carrot mixed up with Grated Cheese is a favourite because the taste and texture compliment each other and when they are stuffed in to pitas they are more colourful than just plain Cheese.

I cut the Pita breads in half after toasting to make two pockets and have to remember to not over stuff them as Top Ender always moans that I put in too much. I can't help it, I like to know she has a good lunch ahead of her!

Grated Cheese and Carrot Lunch Filling

Wednesday - Ham and Cucumber Sandwich

I don't think you can do better than a midweek ham and cucumber sandwich . My family always had mustard with their ham, but I really can't eat it like that as mustard is too "hot" for me. My Aunt taught me to put a little mustard and a little mayonnaise on to one slice of bread and to mix them together to create a less mustard tasting sandwich and when Tops and BB are ready for trying this diluted mustard accompaniment to their ham sandwich I'll be ready!

Tops and BB are both white bread fans and I'm a Wholemeal bread fan so we normally go with the loaves that mix the two, but this week are are trying the new Hovis Premium British Farmers Loaf so we will either have a White loaf or a Wholemeal loaf. Maybe we should have one slice of each?!

Thursday - Sausage Rolls

Tops loves Sausage rolls, it doesn't matter if they are home made or shop brought and so it's Sausage Rolls with Dip for lunch today. It depends on what we are feeling in the morning to if they will be hot at lunch or not. I have two brilliant thermal Bento lunch boxes so if Tops wants them hot she can do, and if she wants them cool then we can arrange that too!

Thermal Bento Lunch Box

Friday - Top Ender's Special Friday Lunch

Every Friday I make a special lunch for Tops and this week is no different. I'm going to make a Quiche but the exact details of the Quiche are a secret... you'll just have to pop back to see what I make later this week!