Being Seen At Night

Last Monday my Mum and I were in my car driving along a fairly main road on our way to dinner. It was raining and thanks to my recent time with Quentin Willson and Shell I was driving really economically (read slow) when something moving up ahead caught my eye. I thought it was a dog but it wasn't. Up ahead was a cyclist. The cyclist was wearing all black clothing, had no lights on his bike, no reflectors other than the standard ones in his bike wheels and pedals and to be honest I was lucky that I saw him when I did. A few seconds later and I might have missed him and had a terrible accident.

Snowing At Night

As we carried up the main road my Mum started counting the number of people walking and cycling not wearing reflective clothing. We counted ten people in less than 200 yards, each of them wearing dark clothing, each of them not easily seen until we were almost on top of them and each of them not aware that a few simple changes could easily stop them from being run over. It made me feel a little sick knowing how these people were taking a risk with their lives and it made me think about my own children's safety when walking at night. It's not often that they do walk about at night, and if they do they are with me but with Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas coming up we will be out in the dark, walking home from Town, walking to Friends, walking to see local Christmas lights and I want them to be seen and be safe.

We got some reflective stickers from Wilkinsons sent for Halloween, these will be perfect whilst we are out Trick or Treating this Halloween and I've seen some Glow in the Dark Hunter Wellies that would be perfect for the Children this winter too. These are easy things that I can do to make sure that the children can be seen by those driving cars and they do make me feel a little better, but what else can I do? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Big Boy with a Reflective Sticker showing on his coat

**Today (20th Oct 2012) there's a voucher to get a pack of the Reflective Stickers in The Daily Express**

We were sent the reflective stickers by Wilkinsons, but if you see my Foursquare checkins you will know I'm the mayor of my local store because I go in there so much!

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