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You can pretty much tell what generation a person is from by how they react to the title of this blog post. There was a time when Read-Along books were the bedtime reading of choice and I'm sure that up and down the country children were tucked into bed, the stereo started and parents breathed a sigh of relief that they weren't going to have to read the same book twenty times over in one night to their tired child. Things have moved on a bit since then, and whilst Read-Along books are still popular I see so many children listening to books on audio devices (they even do it at School round this way) that I'm pretty sure it is going to be the way of the future.

Listening to Ipods

Top Ender has a tablet which each night after she is tucked in she opens up to her reading app and reads what ever takes her fancy and we've downloaded for her. It's a nice way of helping her to relax, encouraging her to read and I always find that no matter how awake I am when I settle down in bed to read a book that after ten minutes or so my eyelids are drooping and I fall asleep in seconds. This week has been slightly different though as Top Ender hasn't been reading at bed time, instead she has been listening to Kate Winslet tell her a story about Mr Gum.

Now before you all start wondering how on earth I know Kate Winslet, I should probably point out that it's actually an audio book, and whilst it would be lovely for Kate to pop in and read a bedtime story she is probably far too busy reading to her own children and being famous.

You're a bad man Mr Gum cover

Top Ender loved having the story read to her, especially last night when Daddy and I weren't at home (as we were at a performance of Blood Brothers) as normally this would mean she would have to read it herself instead of just laying back and relaxing whilst one of us read to her. I downloaded the book and uploaded it to Top Ender's Tablet all by myself, (which was actually a big thing for me) but it was really easy thanks to AudioGo's download process which gave me really simple step by step instructions.

Top Ender listened to the last of the book last night and in her sleepy state asked for us to download some more audio books to her tablet, I love that she is embracing this new way to have a bedtime story and I'm hoping that this way we might be able to get her to read some of the classic stories that Daddy and I grew up with. Well, I can hope can't I?!

We were given a free Audio Download of the book to review.

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