What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 27/10)

I was out at an Aunt Bessie's event yesterday, we were cooking with a few different Aunt Bessie products and discovered that they sell Frozen Gravy! Seriously frozen gravy! And it's GLUTEN FREE! Why that isn't on the box in big letters I don't know, but I know it is now so I can tell everyone I know and they can tell everyone they know and... okay on with the menu for this week.

Saturday - Stir-Fry

I was tempted to do a Favourites night because everyone (by that read Daddy) was being useless when helping with any food choices this week, but I decided in the end that I had better take charge and plan something great. As I'm going to be at my Mums in the early evening I figured I needed something that Daddy could easily make without me so I decided on Stir Fry with Rice. I'm not sure if we'll have Duck or Chicken, but it will be a bird of some kind!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

It's Sunday, it's a Roast. Daddy cooked last week as I was at Church and he did a fantastic job, including making some Gluten Free, Egg Free Yorkshire Puddings that were, well horrid actually! Sorry honey, I know you tried, but don't try again. This will be our last weekly Roast Chicken until January, so I've got to make sure my family make the most of it. Also yesterday the Aunt Bessie people shocked us by saying that a lot of people don't have gravy with their Roast dinner. Can you believe it? That's Sacrilege that is! I was less shocked about how many people don't eat Yorkshires with their Roast, as everyone knows that Yorkshires are only for eating with Beef and on Special occasions like Easter, Christmas and Toad in the hole.

Roast chicken

Monday - Jacket Potatoes

We're on holiday and trying to save a bit of cash by self catering. Jacket Potatoes are cheap and cheerful and  I'll take Baked Beans with us and some Bacon to make it a little bit more special and also to please Daddy who let it be known recently that he doesn't like Jacket Potatoes...

Tuesday - Pizza Hut

After finding out from Susan that Pizza Hut now do Gluten Free Pizzas we decided to treat ourselves on holiday and go for a Pizza as a family! As we're going to be walking a lot it's not like the calories are going to matter.

Wednesday - Halloween Supper of Zombie Brains

Of all the things that we could choose I thought that the best idea was actually Zombie Brains aka
Spaghetti Bolognese. We are going to be (hopefully) going to a Halloween party too so this is easy to make, eat and there will be leftovers for when we are starving after having danced to the Monster Mash, Thriller and other Halloween Top Tunes!

Thursday - Pork Shoulder Steaks and Mash

I'm thinking that a little bit of Pork, Mash and Vegetables will be a lovely meal and something that everyone will happily eat. Plus it's an easy cook so it won't mean that either I or Daddy miss out on the family fun.

Friday - McDonalds

We're having a Friday treat and having a McDonalds. We're going to be travelling home today so we figure if we're running late we can grab something for Big Boy to eat on the move (he needs regular meals for his insulin injections to be most effective and not have crashing blood sugars) and if we are back home then we aren't really going to feel like cooking seeing as how we've been travelling all day.

So that's the meals this week! What are you up to?

I was given free travel to the Aunt Bessie event and given some food to bring home too. The Yorkshire Puddings didn't last more than a couple of hours in my freezer as the children demanded them for dinner!

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