What's For Lunch? (W/C 15/10)

I apologise for the lack of pictures of our lunches on our Facebook page this week, for some reason it just wasn't happening in the morning (I blame the dark) and even last Friday's special lunch had some last minute adaptations because of me ending up sleeping later than I expected. Still the children went to school with lunch every day and that's what is important!

Monday - Crispy Rolls with Chicken and Sweetcorn

I'm back to leaving some of the chicken from the roast spare so that Tops and BB can have it for lunch today. With a little sweetcorn it's good because it just ekes it out a little more and means I can have some for lunch too!

Tuesday - Cold Hot Dog Pasta

Big Boy isn't a fan of taking in two lunch boxes, so this is a treat for him as having the pasta cold means it can go in his ordinary lunch box. It was a mistake to buy shaped ones for the children this year and I'll be asking Santa to bring them some new ones...

Wednesday - Left Over Party Food

If there is any that is! If there isn't then it will be a selection of party type food, little sausages, sausage rolls, tiny sandwiches, vegetable pieces and of course something sweet! There will definitely be some Soreen lunch box bars, as despite giving them out to anyone and everyone we still have a cupboard full!

Bag of Soreen

Thursday - Cheese Toasties

I'm going to experiment this week and see if I can keep toasties warm enough in the Bento thermos lunch boxes that they aren't rubbery by the time the children come to eat them and if they pass the test then the children can have toasties today. If they don't pass the test then plain old Cheese sandwiches today.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

A little clue this week, there are going to be Pom Bear Crisps in the lunchboxes this friday, as we were sent some by a PR who knew that we love the gluten free snack. I've had to hide them from Daddy because he would eat them all if he could!

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