Getting Busy With the Fizzy (Even though they don't say that any more)

Most people who know me, know that I'm a cheap date.

I'll pause for a minute or two to let you snigger quietly to yourself whilst thinking about me being a cheap date... Right, let's get back to it.

As most people know I don't drink alcohol and as such you can give me a glass of any fizzy drink and the bubbles will soon have me as giddy as a school girl. The problem for me is since giving up Dr Pepper at New Year I now can't actually drink a lot of fizz in one go and so if I buy a bottle I don't finish the bottle before it goes flat. I used to own a Soda Stream, it was the first thing that I added to my wedding gift list as there had been many memories made with the one that my Grandparents had owned and I had thought that one would be perfect for me now as I could make just a small amount of fizz and it wouldn't go flat before I had a chance to drink it all. Then in a serendipitous moment Soda Stream asked if I'd like to review one of the new Soda Stream Machines. How wonderful is that?!

Soda Steam

The first thing I did was look up when Soda Stream are bringing out the Dr Pete mixture in the UK, after not being able to find the answer but finding a rather fun thread by a group of people debating on how to make a Dr Pepper type syrup to add to their Soda Stream, I figured I should give up and just move to the States. The second thing I did was make up a bottle of fizz. Cherry flavoured fizz because I like Cherry and Daddy doesn't so I knew I would get to drink the whole litre myself!

Soda Steam

I had to read the instructions a couple of times. I'm not sure if it was because it was late or because I was stuck in thinking about the old machines that I had used but eventually I got it put together, got busy with the fizzy (I'm so disappointed that isn't a phrase associated with Soda Stream any more!) and made myself some rather lovely Fizzy Cherry.

Cherry Soda Steam

As suspected Daddy was rather disappointed that I had made Cherry so that he couldn't drink any, and planned to make something for himself next, but as soon as the bottle was empty it was Big Boy who made the next bottle! Big Boy thinks the Soda Stream Machine is amazing but has to put his hands on his ears whenever the fizz is put into the juice as he doesn't like the sound.

Compared to the old machines that I remember from my youth and early marriage, the machine is a lot sleeker, but still does the same basic function (makes stuff fizzy!). It looks great on the side in the kitchen (I haven't put it in the cupboard like most of my other appliances) and it's getting regular use. I've added different bottles of the Soda Stream Syrup to my Christmas Pinterest Pinboard as Stocking Fillers for me and I'm sure that Santa is reading my list and remembering to add it to his Sleigh and if he doesn't then I know that my very lovely husband is reading this blog post and will remember to put them under the tree.

I was sent a Soda Stream to review.

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