What's For Lunch (W/C 29/10)

It's half term so we haven't really got lunch boxes this week, but because we are away and we are trying to save a bit of money where we can we will be taking some food out on our day trips with us. Of course with Big Boy being a Diabetic we also need to make sure that he eats at regular times so this should help us, ensure that he always has a lunch close by. So this is my "rough" plan of what we will be eating for lunch this week.

Monday - Chicken Sandwiches

We are mostly going to be travelling today, so I thought that leftover Chicken from yesterdays Roast was going to be the best lunch ever for the four of us. There will be fruit, flasks of Hot Chocolate, personal water bottles, some Squash and if I get my act together today then hopefully some cookies too.

Tuesday - Ham Rolls

There is a supermarket about ten minutes away from where we are staying so we're going to pop in and purchase a few bits and pieces on the Monday afternoon/night. Two of the things that we are going to pick up are some nice rolls and some good ham. That way our lunch today will not only be fresh, but tasty too! There will be some salad to go in the rolls for Daddy and I, and maybe some form of relish, but until I buy it I'm not sure!

Wednesday - Picnic Lunch

It has to be done at least once when you are on holiday, a sort of cold supper. Sausage Rolls, Cold Meats, Salad, Fruit etc. The children will love it as it is their favourite kind of lunch and Daddy and I will have a nice sort of Ploughman's Salad out of it.

Family Picnic

Thursday - Cheese Sandwiches

I was going to buy some cheese to put on top of the Spaghetti last night, so I figure that I can use the rest of it up on sandwiches for lunch today! If we did buy relish to go with the ham, no doubt Daddy and I will have some in our Sandwiches today too.

Friday - Pork Sandwiches

We're travelling home today so I'll be using up the last of everything today to take on the journey home. There will be at least one round of pork sandwiches, I guessing a few cheese sandwiches and possibly some ham ones too. The good thing is that it's a frugal lunch just like we started the week, even if it isn't a special Friday lunch like we are used to!

So what are you planning for lunch this week?

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