What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 20/10)

I asked the family what they would like for dinner this week and they, surprisingly, already suggested meals that I had planned. It didn't help with the allusive missing meal that I always tend to have each week (seriously I can always plan for six days but not seven) but at least I know that me and the family are on the same wave length this week!

Invisible Spaghetti Faces

Saturday - Pork Chops with Apple Sauce and Cheese

I'm out shopping with my Mum on Saturday afternoons which means that when I get home I don't really have time to cook or cook anything complicated. Luckily though my lovely husband likes making Pork Chops with Apple Sauce so he can cook whilst I get ready for the evening, or go to the gym or I might even go and read the rest of my book!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

I told Daddy that this week was going to be one of our last Roast Chicken Dinners for a while and he got really upset, until I explained that it was because we'd appreciate our Christmas Dinner more if we hadn't had Chicken Roasts for a while! We are fairly traditional here and so it's Turkey Roast on Christmas Day with all the trimmings and I'd like to think it that it is the best roast of the year.

Monday -  Chips and Sausages

This was what Big Boy suggested, he was very insistent that it wasn't Sausages and Chips, but Chips first and then Sausages. I'm not quite sure what difference it makes but Big Boy gets a say just like everybody else!

Tuesday - Gluten Free Chicken Kiev

Not only am I attempting to make Chicken Kiev's, but I'm also making them Gluten Free too. They aren't that hard to make though are they? There is a recipe that I think I read on Tesco Real Food that I will bare in mind when I'm making them but as far as I can tell you cut a chicken breast add some butter with garlic and parsley chopped up in it and then roll in a breadcrumb and cook hoping that the butter doesn't escape out. I bet my butter does though.

Wednesday - Dauphinoise Fish Pie

I thought I would make a rather lovely Dauphinoise Fish Pie and serve it with peas and some garlic mushrooms. I'm not sure why with the mushrooms, but I thought they would be good!

Thursday - Home Made Burgers

Daddy loves burgers and we don't eat them all that often as a family (he has them for lunch fairly often) so I thought some good home made burgers should be on the menu this week. I might make the feta ones I made with the McCain Wedges or I might make the ones I made before with chopped tomatoes. I just don't know until I've done the shopping.

Friday - Beef Casserole

Every time I say I'm going to make a Beef Casserole for some reason I don't. Today though I really, really am. I even have my Nan's casserole recipe to follow so it will be a great casserole. I'm going out to meet some people from Aunt Bessie's today so my casserole will be in the slow cooker all day and it means I can use a slightly cheaper cut of beef as it will be very tender cooking all day.

So that's the plan for the next week, and very tasty it will be too! I just have to get myself back into the routine of cooking dinner so that it's served around 5:30 everyday as it really does make a difference to Big Boy's diabetes. Anyone have a trick to get themselves cooking at a set time?

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