What's For Lunch? (W/C 8/10)

We've taken some inspiration this week from some sandwiches that we had at the Shell event we went to on Saturday. Big Boy and Top Ender were really well behaved and very good at trying sandwiches that they might not have tried otherwise!

Monday - Beef Sandwiches

The children don't really eat a lot of beef, I'm not sure why. I guess it's my fault because I don't make beef sandwiches! I've made sure to add it to my shopping list this week though so I can rectify this! We haven't got left over Chicken this week to use up on the Monday because I made sure to use all the chicken this week on the Sunday!

Tuesday - Chopped Egg Roll

I have some cute little rolls in the freezer that I really need to bake and I think that chopped egg and a little mayo would be a good filling, especially as the children loved the ones on Saturday!

Mini Baguettes

Wednesday - Ham And Cucumber Sandwich

Top Ender has Orchestra today and so we like to make sure that she has a quick lunch to make sure that she has enough time to eat, get a quick break/lung full of outside air and then get her violin ready for Orchestra. We decided on a Ham and Cucumber Sandwich as I can use one of my sandwich cutters to cut the crusts off to make them a little smaller!

Thursday - Appleslaw Bagels

I tried appleslaw the other day in a sandwich and I really loved it. I figured that the children would like it because apple and cheese is a great combo and it's on Bagels which the children love ever since I told them that they are doughnuts without sprinkles!

Friday - Top Enders Friday Lunch And Big Boys Too!

I had a great idea for a lunch and told it to Daddy and he agreed that it was a great idea, we just needed an event that we could use it for... Today we decided it was the best day though because tonight we have the England V. San Marino Football match and it works perfectly!

So there are our lunches for this week. Which do you think are going to go down best

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