I'm A Trend Setter

Many Moons ago I gave up alcohol.

I know, some of you right now are sitting there pondering about giving up alcohol and wondering how you could ever do it, but when you are 18 and not really that much of a drinker it isn't that hard. I started drinking Shloer at Special events and with Roast Dinners, because it was a grown up soft drink and it seemed a lot posher than drinking Lemonade.

Then Shloer got popular.

It's okay, I'm not bitter about it. I like that lots more people drink Shloer. It makes it a lot easier to host a get together if everyone knows that the bottles of Shloer on the table aren't wine but soft drinks and suitable for drivers and non drivers alike.

Two Bottles of Shloer

So if you come to a party at my house, don't worry about making sure there is an non-alcohol alternative drink as it's all I'll be serving.

I was sent two bottles of Shloer, which I drank with some friends!

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