What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 13/10)

Wahoo! It's Saturday! I do love a Saturday because I get to think about food and what we will be eating for the week, I get to go shopping (so I get half hour on my own!) and I get to see my Mum who always gives me one or two of her chips from her Saturday evening McDonalds. I must also remember to keep dinner being served at the same time because it really makes a difference to Big Boy's blood sugars if I serve dinner late. So on to this week!

Saturday - Home Made Spring Rolls

Last week after we had been given a Driving Master Class from Quentin Willson we headed off to Wing Yip's, a Chinese Warehouse in Birmingham. There were a few bits and pieces that we wanted to see if we could get and we wanted to have a look round too as the only thing better in my mind than going to a Chinese restaurant is making Chinese dishes at home and it's a great place to get inspiration! We didn't manage to get everything that I wanted, but we did pick up a few bits that I'll be using tonight for my first foray into making Spring Rolls. I just hope it works or we'll be eating it stir fried.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Despite really looking forward to a proper roast last week, when it came down to it I did Mashed Potato instead of Roast Potatoes and whilst I was pleased the rest of the family were a little annoyed. I'll know better this week and will make sure that I get everything sorted out before going to the gym so that we can all be happy with the meal!

Monday - Fish Fingers, chips and Beans

I'm being really naughty this week as whilst my family are at home tucking into Fish Fingers (Gluten Free for Daddy), I'm going to be out at Frankie and Benny's (they offered to pay, I couldn't say No now could I?!) with my Mum drinking some of their new range of cocktails. Well, she will be I'll be sticking with the Gentle Breeze or Amalfi Sunrise which have no alcohol in them!

Tuesday - Sylvanian Family Twitter Party Tea

We are having a little Twitter Party and some of the Playground Mums and their Children are going to be with us celebrating all things Sylvanian. The food is going to be mostly for the children and be party type food, although I will make some canap├ęs for the playground Mums to munch on whilst the children play.

Wednesday - Pasta Carbonara

I love pasta of all types, and I find it easy to make, after all it's not really that hard to make a tomato based pasta sauce but I'm bored of it so I thought I would make an egg free carbonara sauce (Daddy is still reacting to large quantities of egg) and that would also help me use up a pack of Bacon I found in the back of the freezer.

Thursday - Spicy Sausage Rice

We really liked the spicy sausage rice dish I made back in August and as it is good value and really easy to make I thought it would be a good Thursday night meal. I'm off to Aqua after dinner, so I have to remember to eat early so that I don't have it repeating on me whilst the instructor shouts "POWER" like Jeremy Clarkson and has me giggling into the swimming pool trying not to distract everyone else in the class... it never works.

Spicy Sausage Rice

Friday - Battered Fish and Chips

Last Friday Big Boy and I were talking about Fish meals, when he said he only liked my fish dinners because he knew the fish was dead! I'm pretty sure some cartoon has freaked him out somewhere along the line, but as the Gluten Free Battered Fish and Chips we had the other week was eaten by everyone including Big Boy, I figure that a repeat this week isn't a bad idea.

So that's my meal plan for this week, it's looking like a fairly cheap shop (which is a bonus!) and I'm looking forward to the meal preparation. What night do you think that you might be coming round? Could you all not make it Sunday? There won't be enough Roasties to go round!

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