Squidgy Squadgy Soreen

It's no secret that we love Soreen here at AMR. Take a look at the lunchboxes I make for the children and put up on my Facebook page and you will see the lunchbox loaves have featured several times since I found them in the local Supermarket. The full size loaves normally live in our cupboard or freezer, (they never make it close to being in the freezer for the the full three months that Soreen say to defrost and eat your loaf before to enjoy at it's best) as Big Boy has decided that Fruit Toast, as he calls it, is the best thing to get him out of having a hypo (low blood sugar) and I think it's a rather lovely late evening post gym snack...

Packed Lunch from September

When a rather large delivery of Soreen arrived at my home, as part of the MumPanel Soreen campaign, the children were ecstatic and with the boxes taking up all the kitchen work surfaces I wondered if I actually knew enough people to give the products out to. Luckily though I didn't have to worry as the children tucked in to Soreen as a pudding and to make a dent I gave some to Daddy to take to work. The chaps at Daddy's work made short work of the mini loaves, with one of his colleagues confessing that he had never eaten Soreen before but managing to polish off an entire Toastie Loaf in one day! I think Soreen may have a new fan.

Empty Soreen Wrappers

Top Ender asked if she could take in some for her teacher and Big Boy wanted to do the same, so some more packets were shipped off to School, where I understand from Miss Charles (Not her real name protect the innocent and all that) that they were eagerly eaten in the staff room by those teachers who hadn't packed a fantastic lunch box like Tops and BB get!

I put some to one side to give to my Sister, as her girls love Soreen as much as Big Boy, and I took a bag packed full of the Soreen up to the School to hand out to the parents that I know.

Bag Of Soreen

All of the Mums had something they remembered about Soreen, High Heels Mum informed us that they are only two Weight Watchers Points (I think she means per lunchbox loaf!), Neighbour Mum said that she had seen the loaves in the Supermarket the other week and admitted that she had never eaten it toasted, Geek Mum (Do you like your new nickname?) said that she and her girls love the stuff and Young Mum was so happy with the packs she opened them up there and then and her children had them as an afternoon snack!

I took some to the gym this morning and both the Reception Staff there and Young Mum yesterday afternoon said that she only ever eats Soreen when it's buttered and that it's an indulgent treat so we joked about having some alone time to eat Soreen, possibly whilst sitting in the bath... with the children at School for another couple of hours I think I might go eat some toasted buttered Soreen in the bath!

I am receiving a fee for talking about Soreen and I did get a lot of Soreen delivered to my house to give out to people, but as I have said we eat Soreen, we love Soreen and these are all my own opinions.

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