Phantom Of The Opera - A Review

Months ago, before I arranged to go on Holiday with the family I got tickets from Milton Keynes Theatre to see Phantom of the Opera. My Mum had been to see it in the West End when it was fairly new and so we've worked out that she probably saw Michael Crawford as The Phantom and so we were looking forward to seeing it. Then I realised that I'm on Holiday at the wrong end of the country and so if I wanted to see this show I was going to have to cancel the family holiday, and that was never going to happen! So I did what every good daughter and sister would do and asked my Sister to take my Mum. This is their review.

Katie Hall as Christine and John Owen-Jones as The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera - UK Tour

Hello This is Kitty! You may know me from Twitter, occasional mentions here on A Mothers Ramblings and the odd comment or two on Facebook. What you probably don't know about me is that like Pippa I love the theatre.

When we got to the theatre my Mum showed me what she and Pippa normally do (buy sweets, read the programme, talk to the Press team) and then we went and found our seats and waited for the show to start. Like Pippa I've always wanted to see Phantom but timings have never been right and so this was my first time.

My Mum and I loved the production, it was really dramatic and I didn't expect to be so emotionally involved, or to get the fright of my life at the end of Act One. Just remember if you are sitting in the first fifteen or so rows that you won't be hurt no matter how convinced otherwise that you are.

Phantom moved along at a good pace, it wasn't so slow that I got bored and it wasn't so fast that I couldn't keep up with what was going on and hearing the music that it seems I have grown up with live, was a real treat. I haven't stopped singing all the parts that I know since seeing the show and I was really pleased that Pippa couldn't go so that I could, just don't tell her that I said so!

The Phantom of The Opera is at Milton Keynes Theatre until the 24th November.

We were given two tickets to see the Show by Milton Keynes Theatre.

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