What We Are Eating This Week (06/10)

I seem to be suffering from a complete brain freeze this week and despite knowing that I do have some things in my freezer I can't remember what they are, and as it is currently dark, wet and I'm in my PJ's I'm not going out to the dark, dusty garage to look!

Saturday  - McDonalds

You have to love a McDonalds on a Saturday! We're off to see the lovely people at Shell today as part of their Target One Million and so when we drive home we're going to go via McDonalds. Plus as there isn't a Dr Who on tomorrow night we're going to need something to look forward to!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

The best meal of the week, with the potatoes and the chicken and the vegetables and the gravy and the yorkshire puddings... Sorry I just got lost there for a second with the drool and the thinking of the tasty stuff!

Roast Chicken

Monday - Pan Fried Lime Cod Fillets

Hopefully before me and my Mum go to see Soul Sister at Milton Keynes Theatre tonight I'm going to manage to cook some lovely Pan Fried Lime Cod Fillets and serve it with Rice. If I don't manage it then my Mum and I are going to be starving by the time the show finishes!

Tuesday - Soup and Toasties

For me growing up it was one or the other, but when Daddy and I started dating he introduced me to the wonderful meal that is Soup and Toasties together! I love dipping a cheese toastie into some tomato soup and as Top Ender asked for soup for dinner one night (her love of tomato soup is almost as big as her love for Lasagne!) we should all be happy!

Wednesday - Slow Cooker Lemon and Garlic Chicken

I'm not sure why but I've been dreaming about lemon and garlic chicken and so I thought a quick slow cooker preparation with Chicken pieces, mushrooms, carrot pieces and possibly some potato chunks with lemon and garlic would make a lovely one pot meal. And if it doesn't well maybe I'll stop paying attention to the food I dream about!

Thursday - Mince and Tatties

Mince and potatoes is a winter favourite here, so expect to see it a lot over the next few months. It's so simple to make and I'm going to make dumplings with the dish tonight which are slightly more complicated now that I can't use pre-grated suet due to the flour content. Still my dumplings are legendary so even though they are a little bit of a hassle they are well worth it.

Friday - Meatballs

I didn't know what to do for dinner on Friday, I thought Veggie Pasta, I thought those lovely lamb burgers I talked about earlier in the week, maybe Sausage Casserole again or just to spite Daddy who has gone off Jacket Potatoes a special Jacket Potato... but in the end I decided on Home Made Meatballs (actually Daddy did but Sssh I don't want to give him a big head) with spaghetti.

So that's this weeks meals, looking forward to some, hoping others work but mostly hoping that they all help me to stay full so that I don't snack so I can lose more weight!

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