365 - Week One

I've decided this year that I want to make sure I take a lot of photographs and decided to join in with a 365 project. I want to take pictures of the day to day life that we enjoy, pictures of food that we eat, pictures of events that mean something to us (even if nobody else realises the significance), pictures of each other, pictures of those we love and care for, pictures of our pets, pictures of just about anything really.

You can watch my feeds on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see the many pictures that I'm uploading but each week I'm going to post the ones I love the most from the last week here on A Mothers Ramblings.

1st January 2013

New Bed Linen

My new Bed linen that Daddy sneakily brought and put on the Bed as a New Years Eve surprise (it was New Years Day before I saw it!

2nd January 2013

The new Birthday Tradition of a Birthday Pillow Message snuck into Top Ender's room on the eve of her birthday.

3rd January 2013

Top Ender with her Merida doll

Top Ender with her Merida from Brave Doll. Apparently the best birthday gift ever.

4th January 2013

My Christmas Gift from Daddy

My Chrsitmas gift from Daddy, pixelated versions of our heads from my Blog header.

5th January 2013

Big Boy Looking Big

Big Boy brought a new T-Shirt in Primark and looked so tall wearing it!

6th January 2013

My Cat Tabbitha

A lazy Sunday morning in bed with the cat.

7th January 2013

Top Ender and Big Boy before going to School

Just before Tops and BB went to School on their first day back I grabbed this quick shot. I love how they love each other so much!

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