What's For Lunch? (W/C 14/01)

I have so missed packing lunches over the Christmas break! This past week has been great because we've got back into the routine of having lunches packed before 8am and being eaten at 12Noon and also having them planned by the time I go shopping on a Saturday (or in this case Friday afternoon as it was supposed to snow Saturday). This week we have...

Monday - Ham Wraps

As I'm using yesterdays Chicken in tonight's dinner the children are having ham wraps at lunch today. I know that Top Ender will be very disappointed, but Big Boy is going to love it. I'm thinking of making a salad of chopped vegetables to add to give it some crunch as the children still aren't keen on lettuce.

Tuesday - Leftover Pasta

Today we have leftover pasta for lunch, as I always make too much and if I don't put it into the lunch boxes straight away I'll only try and eat it and that isn't good!

Wednesday - Cheese Sandwiches with a side of Chutney

To spice up the Cheese Rolls on International Hot and Spicy Food Day I'm going to add a side of chutney that if the children want they can add to their sandwiches, either by dipping or by spreading onto the bread. I may even get my chilli shaped sandwich cutter out!

Chilli Shaped Sandwiches

Thursday - Daddy's Birthday Treat

I'm giving the children crackers, ham, cheese and veggies so that they can make their own lunch today in celebration of Daddy's Birthday! They will also have some cupcakes for them to pretend are a slice of Daddy's cake. Which I have yet to make and seeing as poor Top Ender didn't even get one it's going to be one for her too.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

It's Winnie the Pooh day today, so I'm actually telling you my theme in advance so that you can take part too (if you want that is!). I'm not telling you what I'm making though as that would be spoiling the surprise. If you do make something, make sure to share some pictures with me so I can see!

And that is our week of School lunches. What are you planning on making this week?

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