What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 12/01)

With this weekend predicting snow, I actually went shopping yesterday afternoon... just in case we were unable to drive to the Supermarket and to my Mums to help her with her shopping too. Anyway, it did mean that I had to plan my menu earlier, which gave me the headache of having less time to debate over which meal would be best.

Saturday - Sausage Curry

I don't know why Saturday's are the hardest meal for me to decide on, I guess it's because Sunday is the highlight of the weekend and I want Saturday's meal to be something that we can all eat as a family and that we can all enjoy too. I've gone with Sausage Curry, but not with Rice as Big Boy has decided he's had enough of it and it gives me a chance to make some naan breads to eat with it.

M&S Gluten Free Pork Sausages

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Daddy is getting so good at Roasting a Chicken, that I'm getting worried that my position of best Sunday Roast cook is being threatened! Served with lots of veg, roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings for the children it's the highlight of the week.

Monday - Bacon Pasta

I'm going to use up some of last nights Chicken with the Bacon and Pasta and apart from Daddy's portion I'll serve the pasta with some sweetcorn mixed in too. Daddy will get peas instead. There will also be Basil as I got some fresh Basil reduced as the pot had been bashed.

Tuesday - Fish Cakes

I'm trying really hard to make sure that unlike Daddy the children grow up enjoying Fish. Thanks to Fish Is The Dish I'm a lot more knowledgeable about fish these days and I've even found a localish Fishmonger! I'm going to make the fish cakes with a little spring onion mixed into the potato and serve it with carrot and swede mash.

Wednesday - Salsa Pork Chops with Wedges

Big Boy still isn't that keen on Pork, it isn't the taste but just the fact that it is meat. He still thinks it's Chicken (which he does like) so with the wedges I am hoping he'll eat it without thinking too much! The Salsa is more for Daddy and I and will be a combo of tomatoes, basil, onion and anything else I want to add. The children will of course get some, but I'm not expecting them to love it.

Thursday - Daddy's Birthday!

It's Daddy's birthday today, so as per our usual tradition Daddy gets to choose dinner. He has decided that he would like Chinese (which is great for me as it's my favourite!) and so we'll order in some of our favourite dishes and if I go to the local Chinese warehouse I'll grab some more wrappers so that he can enjoy some duck pancakes without the wheat poisoning!

Friday - Movie Night

We've decided that we won't pick the movie until late in the week, that way if there is something on TV between now and then we can record it to watch together and make some pudding that is themed around the film (a lot easier than you might think) or we'll come up with some obscure way to link the film to the food... Either way we're having Hot Dog Casserole for dinner, which is basically hot dogs cooked in a cheesy pasta dish!

So that's this weeks plan. What have you got this week and do you have any suggestions of what film we should watch?

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