Back To School

The children are back at School today.

It means I can clean my bathroom, hoover under the sofa, sort out the cupboards that have somehow become a dumping ground for cups and Tupperware all without having to break up a fight over who gets to play what on the Wii, or who gets to use the red crayon first.

It means I can eat my lunch and not have to get up twenty times to fetch something else that one of the children has forgotten and desperately needs in order to eat their lunch and I won't have to hoover crumbs up when they are finished either.

It means I can answer the phone and have a conversation without Big Boy asking to have a chat to who I'm on the phone to and without me having to ask the children to keep it down so I can hear what the person is saying.

It means I can go for a sneaky lunch time swim, or I can do my exercise video without the children trying to join in or asking me if I'm okay when I groan with the effort. And I can get back to going to the gym first thing in the morning before the children are awake.

Top Ender and Big Boy

I am so going to miss them and the chaos that they bring.

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