Pom Bear's Day

Today when Big Boy went to School he asked me to look after Thomas, his invisible child, and Pom Bear. It's quite hard to take pictures of Thomas (what with him being invisible and all) so Pom bear has been on an adventure so that when Big Boy gets home from School (in the next ten minutes or so) he can see what he has been up to.

Pom watched some TV.
Pom watched some TV

Then Pom started to climb the stairs for some reason.

Pom climbed the stairs for some reason...

We soon found out it was so he could slide down the bannister.

Pom slid down the bannisters

It was time for lunch and Pom decided to make a pizza.

Pom had Pizza for lunch

After lunch Pom tried a spot of tight rope walking.

Pom walked a tight rope

And soon discovered he needed a drink to calm down with.

Pom had a break for some juice

A nice read with Turtle kept the mood mellow.

Pom read a book to Turtle

And a game of hide and seek lasted for ages as Thomas and Pom both hid instead of one of them seeking!

Pom played hide and seek

 Pom decided to smell the flowers when he came out of hiding.

Pom took some time out to smell the flowers

The flowers reminded Pom that he was missing Big Boy, so he stared at a photograph for a while.

Pom remembered he missed Big Boy and stared at a photo of him

Pom jumped on to the Computer so he could blog about his day. 

Pom on the PC

And then Pom decided to sit in the window to watch for Big Boy coming home.

Pom waited for Big Boy to come home

I think that it looks like Pom and I had a great day and I hope that Big Boy feels the same!

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