Just Call Me Mrs DIY

I'm actually quite good at DIY. When I was younger the one thing (other than the appearance of the perfect loving home I had, I mean it was loving just not perfect!) that I am grateful to my Father for is that he taught me several useful DIY skills. Like how to wire a plug, re wire lights in the wall, tile a bathroom, mix cement, how to drill a hole, how to hammer in nails, how to wallpaper, how to paint, how to put up straight pictures and I'm sure a lot more stuff that some people could go their whole lives without knowing.

The problem is that Daddy likes to do the DIY in our house. Daddy isn't a natural DIY-er, but over the last twelve years of our married life has learnt a lot and is also quite good. I could make a list of embarrassing DIY mistakes that Daddy has made/said (I can think of five straight off the top of my head) but this is about me. Since we moved into our current home, there have been a few things that have niggled us. Small things that really wouldn't take that long to fix, but could be A) Expensive and B) Not so easy to fix. The one thing that annoyed us both though was the bathroom.

The Old Bathroom Floor

Whilst I hate our bathroom with a passion (the tiles are horrid, the sink has been put in wrong, the toilet is positioned too far forward to the pipe leaks, there is no shower, it's too small... should I go on?), the one thing that annoys Daddy is the flooring. Who ever put the flooring in deserves to be shot (okay, so maybe not shot) as instead of putting the flooring in and doing something sensible like going under the skirting boards, cutting holes for capped off pipes in the floor, cutting neatly around sinks etc they just whacked a bit of lino down that was roughly the right size.

Over the last few years I've taken to the lino with a Stanley Knife on occasion (remember how clumsy I am with knives and then what I do when I see blood? Not a good idea.) and cut it down to size. I took off a long strip so it didn't go up the wall. I cut around the toilet and sink and then I got fed up and told Daddy we should replace it. So I got Daddy to get some self adhesive floor tiles. They were cheap so if I made a mistake it wouldn't matter and no matter how bad a job I made of the flooring it was still going to be better than what we had.

I spent an entire day laying the bathroom flooring. My bathroom is barely big enough for one person to be in it at a time, but it still took me all day. The end result was that I was sticky from the glue on the back of the tiles, smelly and really annoyed with the bathroom. I was even more annoyed when little gaps appeared in places that little gaps hadn't been two hours before.

The New Bathroom Floor

Still. At least now my bathroom is slightly better than before. I'm still hoping for a freak tidal wave in my bathroom that means it all has to be replaced though!

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