Pom Bear's Day At Work

So earlier this week when Big Boy went to School he left me in charge of Thomas and Pom Bear. Today Pom Bear had other ideas and smuggled himself to work with Daddy. Just in case you are wondering Thomas stayed home with me, TV Studios are not suitable daycare for invisible children.

Pom Bear found it quite hard to actually get into the office, but that might have been because he was trying to get out of a door instead of realising he was already in the office!
Pom Bear pushing a Bar to open a door

Daddy thought he would put Pom to good use though and gave him some cables to untangle. Pom would still be there if Daddy hadn't stepped in to help.

Pom Bear in some messed up Cables

Some of the other guys in the office thought that Pom Bear should help them too and so had him looking for some spare parts. As long as it wasn't sky hooks and tartan paint, Pom wasn't going to complain.

Pom Bear Looking For a Spare Part

As Daddy's office is also a TV Studio, Pom thought he'd help by making sure the Studio 3's Camera's were set up right.

Pom Bear setting up some Studio Cameras

And as he did such a great job he got to sit at the Directors desk and direct a live show. It was very good.

Pom Bear at the Directors Desk

After the Show had aired, Pom and the crew broke for lunch. Pom was very disappointed with what he found in the fridge.

Pom Bear in the Fridge

There were a few Tapes to ingest after lunch (ingest means turning a tape into a digital file, like if you Rip a DVD).

Pom Bear ingesting some tapes

A quick spot of photocopying found Pom in a dangerous situation.

Pom Bear stuck in the Photocopier

So Pom checked that the CCTV cameras didn't catch him, as he wouldn't want it to end up on TV!

Pom Bear checking the CCTV Cameras

And with Pom's working day over he switched off the lights before jumping in to the car to come home.

Pom Bear Switching The Lights off to go home

Where will Pom Bear decide to have an adventure next?

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