What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 19/01)

Last night I was a bit busy sleeping to come up with a meal plan for this week, and then I went shopping before working out what we were going to eat which is such a bad idea. It was rather lucky that I did stick to some sort of idea of a plan so it kept the price of the shopping a little lower than I expected and here is the sort of plan I came up with!

Saturday - Pizza for the Children Curry for the Adults

This wasn't actually what I had planned, but it was what we ended up having. I was planning on getting something from the cupboard for dinner, but I couldn't find anything inspiring so BB and I went for a walk to the local shop for pizza for him and his Sister. Daddy and I ended up having a Beef Curry that I was planning on us having later in the week, but as it was lovely I don't think Daddy or I worried!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

If the BBC are right then I probably won't be able to make Church tomorrow afternoon as there should be a rather deep covering of snow. We will still have our roast Chicken and if Daddy doesn't make it (he is getting rather great at it) then I'll then I'm going to roast the chicken with red onion and garlic.

Monday - Creamy Pasta

Yes, again with the creamy pasta. The thing is the meal I made last week was sooooooooooooooo lovely that we had to have it again. All I did was boil some pasta as normal, dry fry some bacon in my special frying pan (it's special because it cost a fortune) along with some diced onion, some mushrooms and two cloves of garlic (sliced) before adding in a pot of double cream, some peas and a handful (maybe 15g) of grated cheese and letting it heat through, before mixing it into the pasta. Decadent I know, but it was blooming lovely!!!!

Baked Sloppy Joes
Baked Sloppy Joes. Nothing to do with this weeks meals but the last dish I had to make again and again because it was so tasty.

Tuesday - Pork Loins

As you can probably guess, we're big fans of Pork. I was going to originally grill the chops with a bit of apple sauce as that is Daddy's favourite but I found a recipe for Pork Loins with an Orange Gremolata and decided I'd do that instead!

Wednesday - Toad in the Hole (children) Something tasty for the Adults

Tops has a friend coming round for tea tonight and I thought that they'd rather like posh toad in the hole with gravy and peas. Daddy and I will eat later, and we were supposed to have the curry we had on Saturday so we'll have to have something else... I think it should be something fish based although I doubt Daddy will agree!

Thursday - Lasagne

It seems like it is a heavy dish because people assume that a lasagne has to be covered in cheese and dripping in sauce, but the dish I make is not like that. Yes, I do have cheese on the top of the dish, but we prefer the dish to be filed with veggies along with the lean meat and it isn't a very saucy dish as I tend to split the sauce between two lasagne's so that it goes further!

Friday - Chicken wings

A couple of weeks ago when we had Chicken Wings not only did I discover that I rock at cutting up Chicken Wings (mainly thanks to the instructions I found on how to cut chicken wings) but I also discovered that Chicken Wings are blooming lovely for a Friday Night dinner. I've asked on our Facebook page what to serve them with as I've hit a bit of a mental block this week!

So what do you have for dinner this week and can you shop without a shopping list or like me do you need it written down in stone before setting foot in a shop?!

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