The Giant To Do List of 2013

A little while back I was reading one of my favourite blogs (Frugal Family) when I saw that Cass had written a Giant To Do list for the first three months of the year. I thought that it was a great idea and so asked Cass if she would mind if I joined in/stole the idea for my own. Luckily for me Cass is adorably giving and gave me permission to steal/join in.

I'm not quite sure why it's taken me so long to publish this post, maybe like Cass originally said this post was only ever meant to remain in draft format sitting there reminding me that I have chores to do at home and should be doing them instead of sitting on the PC, but like Cass I have now published my list and I will continue to do so every three months and update as I'm going along with posts about what I've done and achieved.

This is my list. I've crossed off the things that I've already achieved, just to satisfy my own list making and crossing off needs.

1) Replace my bathroom flooring.
2) Make a Shell Photograph for the bathroom
3) Find a way to replace the bathroom. At least set up a way to start saving to replace the bathroom.
4) Paint the hallway to remove the stains BB left.
5) Fix the skirting board in the hall
6) Sort out Big Boy's bedroom
7) Sort out Big Boy's clothes
8) Paint Big Boy's bedroom
9) Sort out my bedroom - honestly this is a year long task but I only have until March!
10) Sort out my clothes
11) Weed the driveway at the side of the house
12) Replant the front garden and remove the thorny thing that is trailing under the front step
13) Make an attempt at clearing the back garden
14) Sort out Top Ender's bedroom
15) Sort out Top Ender's clothes
16) Go through the boxes of photos under my bed
17) Clear out the Garage
18) Clear out the loft
19) Teach myself the guitar (I got quite good, but need the time to practice)
20) Find a way of buying a new (to us) car
21) Sort through the Craft items and give some away
22) Sort through the board games and give away the ones we don't play any more
23) Wash all the curtains
24) Line Big Boy's curtains
25) Hit my swagbucks target everyday

I'm sure that there are plenty more than the 20 odd jobs listed above that I need to do and so as I come across them I'll add them to the list for the first quarter of the year, or one of the later lists... now I'd better get off the PC and go and do one of those jobs listed above. Why didn't I put slob about on there?!

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