What's For Lunch? (W/C 7/01)

With us being back to School on Monday we are back to packed lunches and counting carbs before 8am. This is a good thing really as it does stop BB from being at home and asking to Snack all day and it will stop me from snacking with him and Tops too! I don't think that my body can take that much fruit and ham in a day (the ham we have has no carbs in it because it is 100% protein so it's a good snack for BB as it doesn't change his blood sugars)!

Monday - Chicken Wraps

The children were talking about lunches with me the other day as we were talking about creative ones that they have had that they liked and want again. Top Ender asked if it was going to be possible to have more wraps because she likes wraps and so we're start off the week with a leftover Roast Chicken wrap. It's going to be my version of a Thai Salad as I'll add cucumber and a vinaigrette type dressing just to jazz it up a bit.

Tuesday - Ham Pittas

The great thing about pitta breads is that they are so easy to draw on using food colouring pens and so I can make a normal lunch a little cuter by adding a few choice lines here and there. I'm not sure what I'm going to draw, according to my calender that my lovely S-MIL gave me for Christmas it's Bubble Bath day so I could make them look like little Baths.

Wednesday - Cheese Sandwich

Nice and boring, but it's Orchestra today and so Top Ender needs a quick lunch so that she isn't late for Orchestra and doesn't get indigestion from scoffing down as quick as she can. She really loves going to Orchestra so I know she'll appreciate the sandwich as she knows it is something quick to eat! Big Boy will be happy because I'll cut it in to some fun shapes for him!

Thursday - Sausage Rolls

The oldest parts of the London Underground are 150 today, what that has to do with lunch I have no idea, but we're going to see if we can link them up. We have a Sausage Roll for lunch (which could be a train going through a tunnel right?!) and an idea for pudding that will give us a fairly big link but you'll have to watch the Facebook page to see what it is!

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's too!

There is an event this weekend which is just too good to pass up to base a Friday lunch on. It gives me the perfect opportunity to make a lunch for both the children that I wouldn't normally make (it's a bit young really) and it is also going to be super easy so no late Thursday night for me!

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