An Ideal Family Gift

Something that I should have reviewed an absolute age ago is from the very funky site Not On The High If you haven't come across the site yet, then go and take a look. I can promise you that you will soon have a wish list as long as your arm! is actually my first port of call when I am looking for gift inspiration for those people in my life that deserve something truly special and as such I have a few wish lists of things that I would like from the site. asked if I'd like to have something from my wishlist and after thinking for a moment or two I decided that I should buy something for the family and so it was the Doodle Tablecloth that I asked for, and was soon winging its way to me in the post. The parcel arrived within a few days, it was a surprise at how quick it had arrived and I forgot to take a picture of the parcel before I opened it because when I was faced with a lovely lime green tissue paper parcel with a bow I had to rip it open so I could see what it was!

We use the Tablecloth when we sit at the Dinning table and have great fun drawing away as we wait for dinner to arrive at the table, or between courses, or after we've eaten whilst we're putting off doing the dishes. It's great fun and is good for writing little messages to each other too.

Doodle Tablecloth from

It isn't just us who think this tablecloth is great though, my Nan came for lunch on Boxing Day and took great delight in drawing on the tablecloth with the children with the special wash out fabric pens, although she did admit that she felt a bit naughty drawing on a tablecloth.

I've added a lot more to my wishlist of things to buy from the website, what have you seen that you would like? Maybe, I might add you to my special people gift list. And if you'd like to see more photos of our doodles, take a look at our Facebook page I'll update the album when I can! sent me the table cloth in exchange for a blog review.

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