What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 5/01)

Another day, another meal to prepare. At least this week I won't have the children asking me if it is time for dinner all day as they are back to School on Monday! Actually I don't know why I sound so up beat about that, I'm going to miss them and it's going to seem really quiet here at A Mother's Ramblings HQ.

Saturday - Pot Luck for me, Pasta for the rest of them

I'm off to a friends birthday party today, it's sort of an informal gathering of women and I'm rather proud to have been asked to attend. I'm taking a Fruit Salad, but it's not an ordinary fruit salad oh no. If Pinterest has taught me anything it's that a fruit salad on Kebab sticks looks fantastic! I don't know what else I'll be eating as it's a sort of Pot Luck thing with all the guests taking a dish (it's okay it's sort of being coordinated that we don't all take Fruit Salad!) but the rest of the family will be having Macaroni and Lasagne and Daddy is going to eat one of his Gluten Free meals that he normally saves for lunch at work.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

We're eating our Roast in the evening from this week as our Church service has moved to the afternoon. This means Daddy will need to work out all his timings for the roast again and make sure that he doesn't over cook the vegetables! I'm sure he can do it and make some lovely Roast potatoes for us too... We might even push the boat out and have some pudding too. Leftover Birthday Cake anyone?

Monday - Beef Casserole

We are back to School today, so I'm going to do a Casserole in the oven and slow cook it so that I can use a cheaper cut of beef. The one thing I've been asked though is to make dumplings as Daddy likes them. As I can't use ready packaged suet, I'll make them with butter which makes them a little richer than I like, but still gives the same texture that non gluten free dumplings have!

Floured Beef Ready for sealing and then Casseroling

Tuesday - Grilled Fish and Boiled Potatoes

We have still got some fish left from our Fish Is The Dish Delivery before Christmas (that I froze) so I thought that if I grill the fish (or possibly griddle it depending on my mood) and serve with boiled potatoes and peas for Daddy with the addition of Sweetcorn for the rest of us, it would make a rather tasty meal and one that even Daddy is happy to eat (he still isn't keen on fish!)

Wednesday - Beans on Toast

I asked Daddy for a non meat based meal that we could have this week and he said beans on toast. I've decided to do a 'posh' version with home made beans, grilled tomatoes and ciabatta bread. It's been ages since I made home made baked beans, so I'm just hoping I remember the recipe... anyone know of a good one?!

Thursday - Tomato Based Pasta

Two vegetarian meals in one week? Yup, I know unheard of. Still I thought a tomato based pasta dish would be nice and easy to make and easy enough for me to serve before going to Aqua and still taste great when I get home from Aqua as if there is one thing I've learnt it's that eating before Aqua is a bad move! I'll add in spinach (I'm trying to use it up) and mushrooms and bake it in the oven instead of on the hob and if the family are all really good I'll even add in some cheese.

Oven Baked Pasta

Friday - Movie Night

It's movie night, last week we ended up having supersized hot dogs and rolls for our evening meal as we watch Honey, I shrunk the Kids... well Daddy and I did. Big Boy fell asleep and Top Ender wandered off half way through. This week I'm going to make BBQ Ribs and chicken wings to serve with home made spicy (not to spicy) wedges and Sweetcorn cobs and a coleslaw, a sort of Southern theme for our film which is still to be decided but we're thinking possibly Home On The Range. Can you think of any films with a Southern or Tex-Mec type theme to match the food?

So that's the meal plan for us this week. Hopefully, no idiotic self appointed Food Police of a Personal Trainer will be reading this and deciding that the food I'm feeding my children counts as abuse and start tweeting and Facebooking about it again (if you missed out on this then be glad, I may explain more in another blog post but to be honest all I really want to do is leave it) and I can carry on feeding my children good food that yes does include fat and white bread or white rice but is actually balanced and tastes nice!

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