Bonne Maman Madeleine Decorating Fun

When Top Ender and I went to see the Tour de France we were chatting with the Bonne Maman team about all the fun we could have decorating some Madeleines. They'd already said that they had planned to send us a huge pile of cakes and agreed that letting the children lose in decorating them was a good idea, but that I should probably do this in the garden or somewhere that would be easy to clean... the team got to know me and Tops really well is all I can say.

Bonne Maman Madeleines

So the package arrived, the Children were excited and we agreed to set it up in the garden. Then with one thing and another and we forgot. And the bag has sat in the kitchen for what seems like months, but really was just a few weeks. And then we decided, Friday Night Treat had to be having some decorating fun, especially as the weather was still behaving and it's nice and warm outside.

Bonne Maman Madeleine Decorating Fun Goodies

The children soon set about decorating the Madeleines and weren't shy about using the icing. There was a lot of icing. It was everywhere, all over their hands, on their shirts, on the kittens who were sitting watching the proceedings and erm in my mouth too.

Big Boy and Top Ender decorating their Madeleines

Big Boy decorating his Madeleines

Top Ender decorating her Madeleines

After we'd decorated and covered ourselves in icing and sprinkles, the children were allowed to eat their creations. Big Boy had recently taken part in a Doughnut challenge, where he wasn't allowed to lick his lips, so he decided that we should have a challenge when eating our creations. It was decided that what we should do, was whilst we were eating them we weren't allowed to make any noises that made it sound like we were enjoying them...

Big Boy eating his Bonne Maman Decorated Madeleines

Top Ender eating her Bonne Maman Decorated Madeleines

The children were really trying hard with their cakes, and trying to enjoy them without making any noises! I think we might have to try this again, when the children eat some of their favourite foods, although I doubt that I'd be able to join in as I'm forever making appreciative noises when I'm eating.

We had so much fun together, we were able to chat and muck around together and the children were being creative and apart from my camera there was no technology involved, which does make a change.

I think that what we're going to have to do is do this again, because for a relatively cheap friday night treat, this was certainly one of my favourites.

We were sent everything in the 2nd picture to have fun with.