Creative Fun

I like to think of myself as creative. I'm not sure why, because it is so far from the truth that everyone can see that I'm a total fraud, however it makes myself feel better to think of myself as being a creative sort. Then every so often I do something, Instagram it and get liked and inspire others and suddenly I am actually a creative sort.

Halloween Spooky Light Up Eyeballs

Well, I am for about five minutes and then Daddy goes and does something which is so loving and creative that I realise he's the true creative in our marriage. If I didn't love him so much, I'd probably be annoyed. It all started when we were in London and Big Boy decided to name his bottle of Ribena, Barry.

Barry the bottle of Ribena, wasn't allowed to be thrown away, instead Barry the bottle of Ribena was hugged whilst we were on the underground, and stored in my handbag at all other times. When we got home, Barry was placed on the Fireplace and the next morning when BB woke up, Daddy had made Barry look more like a Barry and less like a bottle of Ribena.

Barry the bottle of Ribena

It was the start of Daddy's surprises for the children that he would create for them to find to know that he was thinking of them, even though he was away at work.

This week, he left two surprises. There was one for me in the bathroom, which I found in the middle of the night, instead of in the morning like he was expecting.

Toilet Paper Art

And one for the children, which he had to point out to me because despite staring at the Fireplace I missed it completely.

A paper mouse hole on the fireplace

And so now every week, the children and I look forward to are ready for some fun when Daddy leaves. I wonder what he'll do next!