New Handwriting Books and How To Help My Children Succeed

We, like most of the UK population, had parents evenings to attend over the last couple of weeks. I always love parents evenings as I tend to have a pretty good idea of what the children are up to within School as I'm one of the lucky parents who gets more than a grunt from the children in reply to my questions about their lessons and what they've been up to in the day and so I spend the time allotted picking the teachers brains about what extra work my children can do to help them improve and to get better grades and that's on top of what we like to call Mummy Home School. I guess I'm one of those horrid Mums that we all promised ourselves we wouldn't be when we grew up, but at least I'm not as strict as a Tiger Mum!


As normal, both my children are doing great with their School work and have a great general knowledge. If I didn't know better, I'd say that the teachers colluded together to give descriptions of the children as being well rounded, having a good general knowledge and being polite, but I know they didn't as I know that I'm actually lucky to have two pretty great kids.

The one thing that Top Ender needs to really work on is presentation.

The one thing that Big Boy needs to really work on is confidence in his own skills.

And luckily one of the ways that I can help them both with the things they need to work on was sent to me to review.

That's right Handwriting Books can solve these problems.

Well, sort of.

You see, for Top Ender practising her handwriting and remembering the "rules" will allow her to ensure that her work is presented in a nice and neat and easily readable format. By rules, I mean things like a capital letter after a full stop, using commas and hopefully writing in straight lines... and so for Top Ender practising forming letters again and again will help her to take control of what it is she is doing and help her to keep her handwriting a little neater than it is at the moment. It's not a punishment, it's a reminder of the basics.

For Big Boy he sometimes feels that he can't do something (I feel like telling him the story about the train you know "I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can") and so for a short time because he was telling the teachers that he couldn't do something they thought he wasn't understanding what he was doing... really what he meant was "I don't think I can do this". Luckily when the teacher and TA worked this out they figured out a way to help him, but BB just needs his confidence increased so that the teacher and TA don't have to sit with him encouraging him to write a little more or add up yet another sum. So with Handwriting Books being simple to understand and follow, there is no excuse. BB can just work away and complete the exercises set and feel that he has accomplished something great!

So, the children are working from the two books we were sent and are available to buy on Amazon. As they are laminate pages, they are wipe clean and so the children can complete the exercises again and again and that's how new handwriting books are helping me help my children succeed.

We were sent the two books to review.