Notepads, Sticky Notes and Why My Kitchen and Upstairs Landing Smells

I love notepads and sticky notes, almost as much as I love napkins, and everyone knows how much I love napkins. I love to have a notepad or seven on me to take notes and to remember things, because whilst I love taking pictures on my mobile phone of things I should remember (Children's monthly homework tasks, the weeks spellings, recipes so I can buy ingredients later, a book or video game I'd like to buy etc) I sometimes forget on what day I took the pictures and when I'm in a hurry I don't have the time to hunt it back out again.

When Parragon books sent me some notepads and sticky notes, I was thrilled and started using them immediately, by throwing them into my handbag to replace my previous notebooks which were a little full and well worn.

One of the notepads in my handbag has the childrens current shoe size, various measurements of  different parts of their bodies (inside leg, chest, shoulders etc), favourite colours, things that they are on the look out for (Top Ender is after Sailor Moon items, Big Boy anything to do with Plant Vrs Zombies) and items of clothing that if I see in a sale I should buy for the future (Wasitcoats for Tops, Trousers, trousers and more trousers for BB).

In one of my other books, there are notes from various meetings I attend of things that I personally need to follow up on and should ensure happen before the next meeting... or in the case of the meeting I went to the other day pictures of Cats because I got distracted and a little bored.

In my third notebook there are blog ideas, job ideas, Church ideas, Family ideas, Christmas gift ideas... you name it and if I've had an idea about it then you'll find it in this book. I guess that makes it an idea book!

The sticky notes live in the cupboard with my napkins.


Because, obviously, that's where they live.

No, seriously in our house we have some sticky notes and notepads beside the mouse on the computer desk and the others live in my kitchen cupboard with the napkins so that when I want to send the children a little message with their lunches everything I need is in easy reach. Or it used to be before I put a microwave underneath that particular cupboard!

And this brings me on to the subject of my smelly kitchen and upstairs landing.

This morning the children had Sausages, Beans and Toast for breakfast. Nothing unusual there you might say, for didn't I promise the children that every Friday they would have a special cooked breakfast? And what could be more special than Sausages, Beans and Toast, washed down with a glass of Mummy Orange Juice, whilst sitting at the table and being all nice and civilized like a normal family?

Nothing, that's what.

It's just the smell that is driving me insane.

You see, our house has this really odd habit of trapping smells in unusual places. Once, four days after having a roast, we walked in our front door and could still smell the Yorkshire puddings that we had made. The upstairs landing is one of the furthest away points from the Kitchen and yet it STINKS, as does the Kitchen, of Toast right now. And that's fine. If you're not on a diet, where you've given up bread because it's one of your biggest foibles.

If the house smelt of Sausages, then all would be well. I can eat Sausages. If the house smelt like Baked Beans, again all would be fine because I don't like Baked Beans and don't wake up in the middle of the night in a cold swear dreaming of them like I do bread.

So. Right now I'm sitting at the computer freezing to death because every single window and door is open in my home, in an attempt to air out the house and remove the smell of toast.

It's not working.

I was sent the items to review.